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Stephen Cheong-Yuen Leong. At school, they refer to me as: sleong, shlong, sle, steve, stoive, and other things that resemble my name. The weirdest one ive heard is: Stoikiometric...hmm..
22 November 1983 - That makes me 17 and a Scorpio. Hsss!
All sorts of stuff esp. if its food, fun, and attractive!
Self centred egotisical fucknuts. I go out of my way to give them crap. hehe! If you've got the time, hassle me on ICQ and ill tell you about my adventures.
Waiting for, yes, Miss Special - go on, have a laugh!
Squash, Touch Footy, Basketball, pretty much anything thats physical.
I'm an ABC!(Aust. Born Chinese). Commonly refered to as the rejected bunch.
Whats on my mind:
H S C. And parties, time wasting, etc.
Known to:
Be a big smart-arse. The people who know me well might say im serious, at times lite-hearted, cynical and enjoys the Deep and Meaningfuls!

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Hey there! if i dont already know you, my name is Stephen Leong. This website is a part of me, what you see is what i am. There is so much on my mind, Lets start from the beginning.

The jobs The schools My attitude My perception The job files: At the tender age of 14 and 9 months, i had applied for a job at the new local McDonald. Wearing much fanfare and image of fun, before too long i found i had my first interview. Chris Parrott, a good bloke in my year at NSB,

Song of the Month 2001:
  • January - "Can't Loose What You Never Had" - Westlife
  • February - "Body Movin'" - Beastie Boys
  • March - "The Call" - Backstreet Boys
  • April - "You all Dat" - Baha Men
  • May - "Everytime You Need Me" - Fragma Ft. Maria Rubia
  • June - "Supreme" - Robbie Williams
  • July - "Drops of Jupiter" - Train
  • August - "Clint Eastwood" - The Gorillaz (whateva they're call!)

    Theres two chicks and two guys, all are infected with diferent STDs. There are 2 condoms. How call all have sexual contact without transferring?!